Rafting | River Guides of Pangbang River

First Time River Rafting?

If you have never experienced a rafting trip or slept outdoors, its never too late, many of our guests are also first timers. Our River Expeditions makes it easy to have an unforgettable adventure whether this is your first time rafting or you are an experienced river runner.

Many of our guests experiencing a whitewater rafting trip for the first time have many similar concerns. What if they don’t have any prior experience? They are nervous about sleeping in the outdoors. They wonder what it’s like to ride the whitewater rapids, how much time will be spent on the raft everyday day and so forth.

Is Rafting Experience Required?

Previous rafting experience is not required for any Panbang River trips. Every rafting trip with RGP has been designed to be comfortable and accessible to most anyone. However, some trips may be more suitable for your first time. See our list of packages for best first time rafting trips at the bottom of this page.

Whitewater Rafting Levels of Difficulty

All rivers are rated on a “class” scale to help you determine the size and technicality of the whitewater. Many of our guests are in search of more moderate whitewater-simply to relax and soak up the beauty of the scenery. Others are looking or more intense whitewater.


Moving water with small waves that tug at the boat – it’s a relaxing way to spend the day. Each of our trips has some stretches of calm class I water, creating a pleasant break between rapids.


Easy rapids, waves up to three feet tall that are readily seen, and wide channels that can be discovered without scouting. Some maneuvering is required during this little rock and roll.


Waves up to four feet and narrow passages that send the boat shimmying and water gushing over its sides. Plenty of excitement.


Long, challenging rapids, narrow passages, turbulent water that requires precise maneuvering and sends hearts racing.