Community | River Guides of Pangbang River

Only a Life Lived For Others is a Life Worthwhile.

Community Service in Action

We care for our community and our environment. We want to keep our community clean and green, for our guests and for ourselves. We partner with Clean Bhutan and local authorities to coordinate cleanup campaigns, and increase awareness on proper waste management in our area. Given our skills and equipment, we also volunteer for any river-related search and rescue, or recovery efforts in the area in times of need. After all, this is our home and we are an integral part of this community.

Building Community Through Inspiration.

The River Guides of Panbang has inspired local groups to start their own businesses – a good example is a group of youth who have now started an organic farming business producing healthy vegetables and poultry products for the community (above). Many young community members now want to join the RGP, and we are considering to train and hire more community members. 

Helping People. Changing Lives.

The RGP have now become a recognized organization within our community. The village of Marangdut approached us to seek help for providing proper water supply to the village to improve their drinking water and for irrigating their fields. The villagers have also recognized that the tourists that RGP brings to our community will also benefit them as they can sell their handmade textiles and handicraft items at the camp. This increased interactions between the villagers and RGP has strengthened the overall relationship within our community.