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First Time Whitewater Rafting Trip

Rafting Over Drangme River.

Name of River Stretch – Hi Manas!
Time – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Trip Duration – Full Day
Transport – Drive to the cross village (Sonamthang, Thinleygang, and Lhaling) of 5 miles from Panbang hub.
Paddling  – The river is very gentle. it is suitable for family. Encounters only few class 2 rapids.
Activities –  River rafting, kayaking, swimming, and bird watching.
Seasons – All time favorable but severe weather in monsoon (June and July).

Multi Day Trip Over Drangme River

3 Days Trip Over Drangme River

Name of the River Stretch – Dungsam – (easy access).
Time – 8:30 am departure to Nganglam.
Trip Duration – Two days, one night.
Transport – One day drive to Nganglam (Yangbari)
Paddling – Several hard-hitting rapids such as “RGP fall” will quench your whitewater rafting excitement.
Trip Highlight – One night camp with delicious Bhutanese cuisine made by locals. We guide you from the tourist trails to many beautiful lowlands of Royal Manas National Park.
Activities – River rafting, kayaking, swimming, beach camps, and bird watching.
Seasons –  All time favorable but severe weather in monsoon (June and July).